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Custom Web Fonts in Power BI - Rbchristiansen

Easy Date Table in Power BI

So I found this nice little “hack”.

Even though is to come later, I read 2019, it is not at this point possible to create Headline with custom fonts. However, there is a way around that!

How to:


Download HTML Viewer Visual


Change Content

Download HTML Viewer Visual

First we need to download the visual. I have done this through the Microsoft Power BI Market place. You can see all the visuals here

When in the market place, through Power BI write HTML and the first result will be the visual we need.

Add the visual, as shown above.


Pretty easy so far.

Google Fonts = DATATABLE (
    "HTML Text", STRING, {
                <link href='https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Gaegu|Uncial Antiqua' rel='stylesheet'>
                <p style='font-family:Uncial Antiqua;color:#017CBA;font-size:72px;text-align:center;margin:0;'>My First Custom Web Font in:</p>
                <p style='font-family:Gaegu;color:#E78E46;font-size:96px;text-align:center;margin:0;'>Power BI</p>

Change The Content

Okay. The Second part!

Now that we have our visual downloaded and ready to use, we have to put some data into it.

Under the Modelling pane we create a new table.

When that is created paste code embedded.

Then click on the small icon next tot he editor.

Now you should have something looking like this.

As shown on the image, mark the check box and then click on the HTML Viewer to use it.


We’re done.

Done this correctly you should have something like this

I have made this post in order to share great work, and great work should be recognized. This article is inspired by David very detailed blog post on the matter. For more information please visit his blog.
Want to know more? David's Blog to Read More

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